Monday, 20 January 2014

The Buried Life Project

1) See the Olympics live
2) Donate blood as much as possible
3) Become a Starbucks gold card member
4) Backpack through Europe
5) Be a camp counselor
6) Experience New Years in Times Square
7) Travel to Thailand
8) Be successful in the career I choose
9) Go to Disneyland
10) Travel somewhere hot
11) Marry and have children
12) Go to a pub in Ireland
13) Move for a year
14) Study abroad
15) Learn how to dance… well
16) Go to Country fest
17) Go to Folk fest
18) Take a road trip across Canada
19) Travel to ever state in America
20) Scuba Dive
21) Be in a flash mob
22) Go camping for a whole summer
23) Take my mom on a cruise
24) Go shopping in New York
25) Walk up a pyramid in Egypt
26) Go to Mardi gras in New Orleans
27) Write my name in wet cement
28) Walk the Great Wall of China
29) Live in London
30) Buy a Polaroid camera and document my life with it
31) Go on a midnight stroll in Paris
32) Get matching tattoos with someone
33) Have a mud fight
34) Ride a subway
35) Become vegan
36) Snowboard in Whistler
37) Have a photo shoot pregnant
38) Watch the sunrise and sunset in 24 hours
39) Get tickets to the Ellen DeGeneres show
40) Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back
41) Visit Sydney Australia
42) Visit Carlos Bakery
43) Own a beach house
44) Swim in every ocean
45) Learn how to surf in Hawaii
46) Own a pair of Louboutins
47) Spin a globe and wherever my finger lands travel there
48) Watch the NBA finals live
49) Take all my best friends on a weekend getaway
50) Take a photo everyday for a year
51) Try paddle boarding
52) Go on a safari in Africa
53) Teach English in a foreign country
54) See the Northern lights
55) Go zip lining
56) Go white water rafting
57) Buy my own house
58) Get a Great Dane
59) Have a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower
60) Go skinny-dipping
61) Go zorbing
62) Go to the airport and take the next flight out
63) Volunteer in a 3rd world country
64) Be a bridesmaid
65) Have a job that I love
66) Be a extra in a movie
67) Ride a Segway
68) Visit the Great Barrier Reef
69) Attend a murder mystery dinner
70) Win the lottery
71) Learn yoga
72) Have abs at least once in my life
73) Visit Vegas on my 21st birthday
74) Have my future told
75) Buy a car
76) Go on a blind date
77) Go to a drive in movie theatre
78) Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
79) Attend a Cirque De Soleil performance
80) Have a food fight
81) Be debt free
82) Work a Lulu lemon
83) Be a organ donor
84) Drive down Route 66
85) Gamble in Vegas
86) Learn to drive stick shift
87) Kiss a stranger
88) Graduate University
89) Learn how to cook
90) Find/ send a message in a bottle
91) Go streaking
92) Be on T.V.
93) Be able to do the splits
94) Adopt a child
95) Learn how to save my money
96) Witness a miracle
97) Read all the Harry Potter books
98) Lock a lock on the love bridge in Paris
99) Drive a motorcycle
100) Be happy

Authors note

My name is Kendra Smith and I am 17 currently in Grade 12. I truly haven’t been able to experience my life to the fullest… yet.  After I graduate high school I plan on completing my bucket list, and possibly adding to it as well. My whole life I’ve wanted to travel but I’ve never had the chance to. I find myself looking through blogs about all these people traveling to amazing places… and I want to do that. I’ve grown up in a family who doesn’t really like to travel and I’ve never gone on a family vacation. Many things on my bucket list have to be with traveling. Others I’ve always wanted to do, like adopt a child or be an organ donor. While I was making my bucket list I realized how I wanted to do so many cool and exciting things in my life that I haven’t had the chance to do. I plan on filling my life with amazing experiences, and unbelievable moments. Some may feel trapped where they are; even if I don’t have the money I will find a way to accomplish all my things on my bucket list!  I don’t think that it will be hard to complete my bucket list, because hopefully I have at least 50 YEARS to complete it. It will take some time and effort but how amazing would it be to say that you’ve completed your bucket list. Maybe I’ll even make another one when I’m older.

What now

I have many many things on my list that I want to complete. I have actually accomplished one already, number 54 see the northern lights. It’s always been on my bucket list and I’ve completed it. This summer I was out at my friend Jennis Lake for a weekend and we were all sitting by the campfire talking and having a good time. We were all looking at the stars and out of nowhere we see blue and green lights shooting across the sky. My next one to be accomplished is number 10, travel somewhere hot. I’ve never been on a vacation somewhere hot but this July I’m packing my bags and heading to Cancun with a group of my friends! I was hesitant about going on this trip, just because it was so much money. But I've been working quite a bit and I've been saving my money so that I will have enough to go.  To complete the other things on my list I plan on working a lot and saving my money to go on trips. I don’t want to spend my money on useless things I want to save it. And by saving money for my trips I will be accomplishing number 95 on my bucket list; learning how to save money.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Social Fiction Project- "The Night I Died"

Created by: Kendra Smith

On Twitter @

"The Night I Died"

June 6, 2006

            I grab my leg in agony screaming for help… but no one can hear… no one can hear my call. I slide my hand to my leg, feeling the warm velvet red blood stream out of my limb. I try and move the heavy beam off my leg, but with every push an agonizing pain runs through my body crippling me.  The excruciating pain overtakes me. My head is spinning as though I am on a merry go round. Feeling woozy I take my head and rest it on the hard concert floor. I lay my cheek upon the ground and I instantly jerk up, expecting the cold of it to cool me, but it feels as though the ground has been heated. I take a deep breath of air and a familiar scent fills my lungs.  Smoke, I turn my head towards the large metal door that leads to the hall. A  
menacing cloud of smoke creeps under the door and fills the room.
“Help me, I’m stuck,” I yell filled with panic… no response.  The heavy fog of smoke surrounds me, my eyes burn I blink but it won’t go away. My chest is getting tighter and tighter with every breath. My throat and nose are burning. My body feels like its being wrapped in a blanket of fire, my skin is being burned. I can’t do anything for myself, I can’t do this anymore. I try everything I can to spit out one more call for help, but its useless.  I’m ready to let go. The room is spinning, and I’m not able to see straight. I feel like I’m in a movie, my life is being played and then paused… I feel myself coming in and out of consciousness. I brace myself, but my body collapses. I find myself struggling for air, grasping on to my life. The flames grow higher and higher engulfing the room that once was mine. I can feel someone grasping my hand, but there’s no way someone could be with me.  I feel a wave of peace, the pain is gone.  My sight comes into focus and I see my body limp on an ambulance stretcher, body dirtied with burns. Right next to me is my mother, holding my hand.  
            “Is she gone?” my mother says, as she turns to the paramedic face painted with pain.  The soft-spoken paramedic looks up at my mother.
            “We’re doing the most we can Ma’am,” with his head held low and his feet pacing. I can tell my mom know the worst, watching her body crumble to the ground grasping her face sobbing. Sirens fill the air with the sounds of horns. I watch my neighbour, my best friend Faith pull up in her drive way face full of panic. As she runs down the street to see what happened her father stops her.
            “Faith honey, there has been a terrible accident with Cammy. She didn’t make it,” he says with a trembling lip. All I see is my best friend fall into her father’s arms.  I scream to my mother and best friend that I’m okay, so desperately I want them to hear me. But I know they will never hear my voice again.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

School is crazy stressful lately. 


I got bangs two weeks ago! Yay! I've finally done something with it rather then having it all one length and boring. I wasn't too sure about them earlier but I love them. 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas crafts

Today I made candy can't reindeer for the best buddies bake sale tomorrow ! 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Night time

This is the most beautiful sight my lights off and in bed. I've worked everyday since Wednesday and finally have Tuesday off and will repeat the process all over again. Sleep in my bestfriend.